Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Opinion: Shaken President Jammeh of Gambia Plots a Getaway Strategy As he Packs Valuables

 President Yaya Jammeh

The Kanilai Monster is rapidly becoming the Kanilai Chicken.  Jammeh is very shaken and jumpy at the State House right now.  He is a prisoner of his own making as he is afraid to leave the comparative security of the State House for fear of an ambush by the ECOWAS scouts and commando units who are already in town.

The tough rhetoric that you hear on TV is just the usual Yaya acting like a Nollywood actor.  He is truly a gifted liar especially when he is holding the Koran and screeching “bilahi walahi talahi”.  At the State House, as soon as Yaya starts swearing in the name of God, people know that he is out to fool the gullible people who think that holding the Koran and swearing to Allah’s name means that one is telling the truth.   The fact is that Yaya is very scared right now. He has only left the State House once in the past 1 month.  He was in an unmarked convoy and just drove around BJL for about 20 minutes.

Folks, Yaya has started packing his Maserati (8), Rolls Royce (8) and Bentleys (6) into containers for shipment to Mauritania.  There is currently a Mauritanian vessel in Gambia being loaded with his most valuable items.  He of course does not want this to reach the ears of the fools who are going around town and arresting people for wearing T-Shirts.
For us to effect the final capitulation of Yaya Jammeh, it is very necessary that we get the last diehards around him to defect to our side.  We are talking about Bala Jahumpa, Mama Singhateh, the Bad Badjies (Saul, Yankuba, Ousman) and the MPS. One person that we need to get to defect is Saffie Sankareh. She is the Solicitor General and is being used by Jammeh in a vain effort to try and annul the elections.  She is very young, inexperienced and naive.  So please call her on  +2209977830  and ask her to think about her future and not to defy the will of the Gambian people for she will surely be jailed if she joins the Nigerian mercenary judges in trying to defeat our democracy.

As you know,  FJC has defected thanks to work done by some people who are working out of Dakar. A Jammeh Minister will soon defect too.
The only thing that is preventing more defections is the personal attacks that is being launched by some people on the defectors.  If we want more defection, we need to commend people like Amadou Samba,

Omar Faye, Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay, the 11 Ambassadors such as Teneng Jaiteh, etc.  We need to discourage people who put their personal agenda ahead of the country’s interest.  Now is not the time to be pointing fingers and settling scores. Now is the time to be recruiting defectors.  This is the time to call the families of the people defecting and to thank them for putting their country first rather than be insulting them and then discouraging others from defecting.

Folks, we have Jammeh down but he is not out yet.  We will give him that knockout blow by isolating him in the State House so that even a few policemen can come and arrest him if he refuses to go by Jan 18th.  So, please work to get more defections. We have two weeks to recruit more defections. Let’s get to work.

Written By Gambia’s Deep Throat

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