Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Opinion: The crocodile and the duck By Cathy Buckle

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 Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Sitting at the water’s edge watching hippos and crocodiles, white-faced whistling ducks and skittish spoonbills this Easter, the reality of Zimbabwe’s political, economic and humanitarian crisis was never far from my mind. Stopping on the way to my destination I was horrified to discover that the price of bread had gone up from $1.20 to $3.50 a loaf. On exclaiming at the huge price increase, the teller said: “But it’s only RTGS dollars.” RTGS dollars are the only dollars that most ordinary people have in Zimbabwe but these Bond Notes are now worth 300% less than they were worth just two months ago, as are our bank balances, salaries, life savings and pensions.

Meet: Botswana 5 Top Female Artist

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 Amantle Brown
Amantle Brown is an R&B artist who started on a local talent show called My Star and made it to the finale. Her first album titled Sa Pelo gave the artist her place in the industry with hits like Black Mampatile and Moratiwa which dominated local radio airwaves.
She was nominated for several awards including the Botswana Music Union Awards Best RnB and Best New Comer in 2015. Since then she has also collaborated with other artists with amazing music.
She released Follo, a romantic song featuring one of the local artists which was inspired by Afro Beats which exposed her artistic range and embrace of a more African sound.
She is a songwriter, singer, and performer who is known to deliver quality all rounded performances. Her work now extends to being a judge on Melody Gospel Television on Botswana Television. More pics after cut....

‘In Burundi, the crackdown continues in the shadows, with impunity’ – Human Rights Watch

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 Burundi's Pierre Nkurunziza

Four years Llater, crisis risks further escalation ahead of elections
In Mid-April an audio recording made the rounds on Burundian social media. In it, a speaker described as a senior police officer delivered a chilling message directed at the government’s political opponents: “If you want to disrupt security, I’ll finish with you there, and if you’re with your wife and children, you’ll go together.” If authentic, the threats aimed at Burundi’s new opposition party members, the Congrès National pour la Liberté (National Congress for Freedom, CNL), would demonstrate disturbing disregard for the rule of law.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Music Submission : Durban Solid - Angelina

As the love of month progresses, stories of love are told through music and Angelina is one of them.
Durban Solid have been working behind the scene with various production houses to craft what is now called Durban Kwaito.

Public Statement From Nigerian Union South Africa on the Recent Xenophobia Attacks In South Africa

Meet Thando Hopa the first woman with albinism to cover Vogue

South African Lawyer, activist and model Thando Hopa is making history on the latest cover of Vogue Portugal.
Hopa is the first woman with albinism to be on the cover of the prestigious high fashion magazine.
The April issue, dubbed 'African Motherland', is meant to honour the African continent and highlight the importance of representation.