Monday, 22 October 2018

opinion: Africa must safeguard its sovereignty from superpower rivalries By PETER KAGWANJA

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 African Union Secretariat Built by the Chinese.

As Kenyans marked Mashujaa Day (Heroes' Day) yesterday, Africa’s freedom is at risk.
Experts are fretting a "new scramble for Africa" poised to roll back the gains of sovereignty.
The new scramble brings to mind the dark days between 1881 and 1914 when powerful European nations divided, occupied and colonised the continent.
In different and nuanced ways, the new scramble and its impact on Africa’s peace and security was the subject of two high-profile events this week.
First, on October 14-17, 2018, the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) organised a high-level conference under the banner of “Achieving Victory in the War Against Al Qaeda Groups”, which highlighted the impact of the recent seismic geopolitical shifts in the Horn of Africa on security.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Randburg Canival Life: Hosted by Mama Yoruba African Resturant

Mama Yoruba will be hosting Nigerians and friends of Nigeria to a carnival at the Randburg Square on 6th October 2018 from 2pm to 6pm. Several Nigerian musicians will be on display and your favorite African foods and drinks. It's a place to be.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Mama Yoruba Opens New Shop At Randburg Square, Johannesburg, South Africa For Your Delicious African Foods and Herbal Treatment

 Popular Mama Yoruba recently opened a new outlet in Randburg for your Delicious African Foods and Varieties and herbal treatment. One of its kind in South Africa. Visit Shop no 6 Oak Avenue, Randburg Square today or call the following numbers, Tel. 0110595398 Cell. 0635476767. You can call and place your order. More pics after cut......

Thursday, 16 August 2018


The highly anticipated music video for the smash hit, "Too Much" by Laylizzy featuring South Africa's gem, Kwesta is now officially out on YouTube.

Mozambique’s rap smith, Laylizzy always brings something fresh to the streets, this time it is “Too Much.” The music video was recently launched by Laylizzy and Kwesta performing the track together, followed by a TV premiere of the video on several music channels. More picafter cut...


The International Achievement Recognition Awards nominations were recently announced honouring the hard work of exceptional talent within the arts and entertainment industry across the globe. It’s with immense pleasure to share that Africa’s rising star, Laylizzy is one of the nominees under the Best African Music Artist Category.

The International Achievement Recognition Awards highlight outstanding talents and recognise the hard work of those in different fields of art and entertainment. Speaking of talent and hard work, Laylizzy’s work ethic and authenticity in his craft stands out and sets as the trademark for his music through his Portuguese and English rhymes coupled by his versatility in rapping and singing.More pics and video after cut....

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Following the recent drop of their power squad induced single, Dutch Dreams Records now presents the visuals for the classic afro-hip hop tune, “Gang Shxt.”  

Led by the main man, Mr Dutch, the visuals for the recently released afro- hip hop single, “Gang Shxt” are officially out. Mr Dutch breaks the ice at the beginning of the visuals as he sings, “It’s a whole lotta gang shxt” with pretty ladies vibing along to the sounds of the music.

Each and every individual artist featured on the song gets a fair chance to shine as they drop their lines with a dope, graphic strap line popping up as an intro to each one of their verses.


African record label, Dutch Dreams presents to you their classic afro- hip hop tune, “Gang Shxt” featuring seven of their greatest acts, Mr Dutch, Kel-P, Yung OG, Ello, Hugo Flow, Black Angel and Raf Don.

Dutch Dreams Records is taking things to another level as they bring together a power squad on one track, “Gang Shxt.” This new tune led by Mr Dutch features Kel-P and Hugo Flow, who are producers and Afro-pop musicians, hip hop recording artists, Yung OG and Ello as well as dance hall recording artists, Black Angel and Raf Don.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

YELOTO Celebrates 2018 Children’s Day by Helping Young Patients at the LASUTH Pediatric Ward

In commemorating the 2018 Children’s Day, YELOTO African Children Foundation celebrates the day with the children at the pediatric ward of Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH). Also, to share in their pains, the organisation paid the surgeries fees for 10 indigent families.
The Chief Medical Director, Prof. Adewale Oke thanked Yeloto for the gesture in making the donations. He pointed out that “Yeloto has always been a part of success story at the facility and promised that the donations will be used with care. More pics after cut.....

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Opinion: Chieftaincy is not African culture but inherited rule with impunity By Prince Mashele

 The execution of the last French monarch Louis XVI, in 1793. The writer says rule by birthright is an outdated form of government which has over the years held humankind back. /UIG/Getty Images
The execution of the last French monarch Louis XVI, in 1793. The writer says rule by birthright is an outdated form of government which has over the years held humankind back. /UIG/Getty Images 

Is it not better to be ruled by an idiot you have elected than by one you had no hand in installing?
Such is the question raised by the disconcerting state of the institution of traditional leadership in South Africa today. Kings and chiefs in our country are generally treated with a sensitivity not dissimilar to that accorded to religion. Yet none of these men has ever been coronated by a deity.
This undue elevation of mere mortals to a kind of spiritual position is in fact a product of history, a deliberately constructed history of dominance by the strong over the weak.
Karl Marx was right to paint a picture of modern man as a victim of a history that weighs heavily like a nightmare upon him.


Hakeem Opeyemi, who professionally goes by the stage name “Vellie P” releases his debut single under 1806Lyfestyle titled, “All I Do.”

Nigerian born, South Africa based hip hop artist and songwriter, Vellie P (real name Hakeem Opeyemi), has been hustling his way into music for quite some time now as he started recording his own music at the tender age of 15. Through that, he has released a collaborative mixtape which he put together while with his boyhood label, RapCity Nation in 2015.

Now signed to South African record label, 1806Lyfestyle, Vellie P’s music is slowly gaining momentum in the South African market which takes us to the release of his first official single, “All I Do.” More pics after cut....

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The Life and Career of Meklit Hadero

Photos: Madam Ajayi Elizabeth, Mama Yoruba Surprise Birthday Celebration At Fountain of Fire Ministry Johannesburg.

 On the 22nd April 2018, The Fountain of Fire Ministry, Johannesburg, South Africa held a surprise birthday celebration for one of its own, Madam Ajayi Elizabeth, popularly known as Iya Yoruba of South Africa. We at FOB are wishing Iya Yoruba many more years of fruitfulness. More pics after cut...

Monday, 19 March 2018


From ample time and effort put into perfecting his craft, recording artist, Touchline is ready to make waves in the music scene as he releases his debut single, “Ung’phethe Kahle” under Muthaland Entertainment, exclusively on music streaming app, JOOX.

From the dusty streets of Tembisa, an uncut diamond in the form of Touchline (real name Thabo Mahlwele) emerged. Touchline has been in the music scene for quite some time and started recording his own music at the age of 17.

Being a true poet, Touchline is blessed with the gift of bringing realness to his content which allows him to bring the deep emotion from his listeners’ hearts as they are able to picture and draw relevance with his story telling verses. This is very much the case with his new single, “Ung’phethe Kahle” which he releases as his debut single under Muthaland Entertainment.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Opinion: Lack of political will: politicians are the cause of Malawi being the poorest country on earth By Saunders Jumah

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 President of Malawi, Peter Mutharika

Malawi, despite her despotic beginning at independence, had a visionary foundation. Despite having a founding president who had his vices, but a foundation stone for the future was laid.
The problem came in 1994, clearly the founders of democracy had no clue as to what government entails. Myopia of innovation.
In 1980 Malawi became the first nation in the SADC region, if not out of the continent, to have an Ethanol plant in Nkota-Kota district. There was a vision that in future, fossil fuels will not be sustainable, hence the need for green fuels to be planned.

Opinion: The African Union may be grasping that solutions to security problems must be home-grown By MUTHONI THANG'WA

 Image result for African Union logo

When a Kenyan thinks about Tana, I have no doubt that would be the Tana River, whose waters feed from the Aberdare mountains in Nyeri County. The river winds around Mt Kenya in search of a way to bequeath her water to the Indian Ocean.
Tana River County is named in her honour. En route to the Kenyan Coast she feeds Kenya’s hydroelectric power dams Masinga and Kiambere and passes through Meru, Kitui and Garissa counties.


Following her incredible appearance and performance as a breaking artist on Coke Studio Africa,Shellsy Baronet has paired up with Mozambican star, Mr. Bow for her new single titled “Ma Lova.”

Shellsy Baronet has been in the market for quite a very short time but has already won the hearts of many across Africa and in Europe. Being the amazingly talented young artist that she is, there’s definitely more in store from her as a multitalented entertainer.

Monday, 12 February 2018


Vocalist, song writer and music entrepreneur, Lady Litsa is testament to many that with the right market and audience, getting top placement on music charts isn’t rocket science. Backing local music is at the heart of what TurnUp Music does and it is a great pleasure to see one of our stars, Lady Litsa, topping charts on Vodacom Live with her single, “You Are The One.”

Lady Litsa has been obsessed with music from a very young age and intrigued by how songs were conceptualised and began writing and performing her own music at the age of 12. Her inspiration for the song “You Are The One” was born out of a real love story of chemistry, love and that feeling of ‘no one else exists.’ “You Are The One” was written for love, about love and the butterflies it brings.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Opinion: Media shutdown dims Kenya's light as beacon of freedom By MACHARIA GAITHO

Image result for uhuru kenyatta pictures
 Kenyan President: Uhuru Kenyatta

From the famous State House breakfast with members of the Kenya Editors’ Guild early in his first term in 2013, onto the present crack down, President Uhuru Kenyatta has enjoyed a love-hate relationship with the media.
The situation has never been this bad, however as with the current onslaught that has seen a shutdown of the three biggest TV stations in the country.
KTN News of the Standard Group, NTV of the Nation Media Group and Citizen TV and the Kikuyu-language Inooro TV of Royal Media Services were forced off air on January 30, after defying government warnings and broadcasting live from the venue of the contentious “swearing-in” of Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Photos: NUSA South Africa Visit to Kugersdrop in the wake of attacks against Foreigners

 Members of the Nigerian Union South Africa led by its President Hon Adetola Olubajo and other executives and the Head of Consular and Immigration of the Nigerian Consulate visited the South African Police Service in Krugersdrop and environs to access the damage done to properties of Nigerians after a demonstration by people of the community on issues relating to drugs and prostitution. More pics after cut...

Friday, 19 January 2018

Bana Mutibwa: Using music to inspire social change

Mutibwa (L), who is  based in Sweden,  says he
Mutibwa (L), who is based in Sweden, says he wants to use music to inspire social change as well as to encourage Ugandans to get involved in the make the decisions of thier country. 
In well packaged lyrics backed up with hip rhythms, Bana Mutibwa’s music rails off the conventional course, conveying messages of direct inverse to political proposals to the powers that be.
His two songs, Tetubonga Nawe and Tojikwatako Nawe, have been released in politically torrid times.
Tetubonga nawe, loosely translated to ‘we are not with you’, was a response to tubonga nawe (we are with you), a song that rallied support for the re-election of Mr Museveni as President in 2016 after 30 years in power.

Fashion: Bondphill on the rise

Bondphill on the rise

The brand Bondphill – with only two years in the local fashion industry – is growing. The owner of the brand Tlamo Mosinyi said they will remain authentic to Botswana. His dream has always been to have his collections in stores outside first before opening any store in Botswana. His recent Mozambique experience was motivating as his audience praised the high quality of his designs. Mosinyi is one of those rare gems in fashion because he can design; style, be a buyer and do many other things in regard to fashion. He gained a lot of experience in India where he sourced fabric.

Opinion: A Glimpse at Gedli Boulevard, From the sidewalk By

Often, I come across names that ring a bell, probably I know the people, maybe we went to the same high school and who knows, potentially same class. I am not confusing for Troy Dunn’s Locator, though it doesn’t hurt. But I am writing to relate some old news: my glimpse from the sidewalk of the Boulevard that Tzegereda trekked for long. As you are well aware now, this could be again misused, politicized. But wait a minute, what misuse are we talking about? Isn’t everything about politicising these days? Even a sneeze is a suspect! How can I prevent today’s youth from reading my abracadabra about the past, my rambling and suffering of the 70’s from finding an exact mirror image (on a convex mirror at that) now 40 years later? I would certainly be tempted to explain the difference, the nuance, and the non-resemblance.

MUSIC: Engee031 Releases New Single - OPTIONS

MUSIC: Yet another Monday Release Day and this time, we have Deep Forest SA's lead man, Jaguar Paw releasing his first single of the year.

We let the music speak for itself, this one is a banger and a hit.

 Artist: Jaguar Paw
Title: Own lane ft Forest Gvng                                 
Composer: Caven Masetla & Molapo Malatji
Author: Rekaone oletlile Mocumi & Tshifhiwa Kevin Netshifhefhe
Published by: DeepforestSA Entertainment
ISRC code: ZA-V13-18-00001