Friday, 19 January 2018

Bana Mutibwa: Using music to inspire social change

Mutibwa (L), who is  based in Sweden,  says he
Mutibwa (L), who is based in Sweden, says he wants to use music to inspire social change as well as to encourage Ugandans to get involved in the make the decisions of thier country. 
In well packaged lyrics backed up with hip rhythms, Bana Mutibwa’s music rails off the conventional course, conveying messages of direct inverse to political proposals to the powers that be.
His two songs, Tetubonga Nawe and Tojikwatako Nawe, have been released in politically torrid times.
Tetubonga nawe, loosely translated to ‘we are not with you’, was a response to tubonga nawe (we are with you), a song that rallied support for the re-election of Mr Museveni as President in 2016 after 30 years in power.

Fashion: Bondphill on the rise

Bondphill on the rise

The brand Bondphill – with only two years in the local fashion industry – is growing. The owner of the brand Tlamo Mosinyi said they will remain authentic to Botswana. His dream has always been to have his collections in stores outside first before opening any store in Botswana. His recent Mozambique experience was motivating as his audience praised the high quality of his designs. Mosinyi is one of those rare gems in fashion because he can design; style, be a buyer and do many other things in regard to fashion. He gained a lot of experience in India where he sourced fabric.

Opinion: A Glimpse at Gedli Boulevard, From the sidewalk By

Often, I come across names that ring a bell, probably I know the people, maybe we went to the same high school and who knows, potentially same class. I am not confusing for Troy Dunn’s Locator, though it doesn’t hurt. But I am writing to relate some old news: my glimpse from the sidewalk of the Boulevard that Tzegereda trekked for long. As you are well aware now, this could be again misused, politicized. But wait a minute, what misuse are we talking about? Isn’t everything about politicising these days? Even a sneeze is a suspect! How can I prevent today’s youth from reading my abracadabra about the past, my rambling and suffering of the 70’s from finding an exact mirror image (on a convex mirror at that) now 40 years later? I would certainly be tempted to explain the difference, the nuance, and the non-resemblance.

MUSIC: Engee031 Releases New Single - OPTIONS

MUSIC: Yet another Monday Release Day and this time, we have Deep Forest SA's lead man, Jaguar Paw releasing his first single of the year.

We let the music speak for itself, this one is a banger and a hit.

 Artist: Jaguar Paw
Title: Own lane ft Forest Gvng                                 
Composer: Caven Masetla & Molapo Malatji
Author: Rekaone oletlile Mocumi & Tshifhiwa Kevin Netshifhefhe
Published by: DeepforestSA Entertainment
ISRC code: ZA-V13-18-00001