Friday, 22 December 2017

Picture of the Day: Speaker of Osun State House of Assembly Share Gala and Lipton as Dividend of Democracy.

TF!?Speaker of Osun House of Assembly, Najeem Salam pictured sharing Gala and tea to his constituents
Nigerian politics continue to make Nollywood look like a carton network. The picture above is that of Hon Najeem Salaam sharing Gala and Lipton to the people of Osun State as their dividend of democracy. 

Opinion: Ethiopia-Win-Et: The U.S. on the Horns of a Creeping Civil War Dilemma in Ethiopia By Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable…In the past, those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside.” — John F. Kennedy
The quiet riot of civil disobedience in Ethiopia over the past two years is slowly morphing into a creeping and enveloping civil war. —  Alemayehu G. Mariam

In this commentary, I shall examine the apparent gradual change from a quiet riot of civil disobedience to certain civil war in Ethiopia and the real reasons underlying civil strife in that country and offer analysis and policy recommendations on the necessity for U.S. mediatory involvement to avert what appears to be an irreversible trajectory towards civil war.


The quiet riot which began in earnest in Ethiopia over two years ago is today definitely looking like a creeping civil war.

TurnUpMusiclaunches on Samsung Z Series

Being the ultimate gateway that has been successfully hosting local talent for over a year now, TurnUp Music has joined forces with Samsung and officially announced the launch ofa streaming service on the Samsung Z Series mobile devices.

TurnUp Music has been turning heads over the past year as a disruptor in the local music industry. The mission continues to grow as the service has now partnered with one of the world’s largest tech companies, Samsung,to host local music on their Z Series mobile devices.

Through this incredible partnership, TurnUp Music and Samsung are focussed on the development and growth oflocal artists’ careers through various collaborative opportunities and a strong market reach.

Get More than a Beach-Ready Body with 10 The Best Core Exercises By Mark Williams

The best core exercises
As summer approaches, more people seem to become much more interested in developing their core muscles.
Unfortunately, they focus solely on getting a 6-pack, which then ignores the other important core muscle groups that contribute to better sports performance and spinal health.
If you’re one of these people, you need to do the best core exercises that will develop all your core muscles.

Which Are Core Muscles?

Let’s be clear on what the core muscles really are. These aren’t just the muscle in your abdomen. These are the muscles in your chest all the way down to the upper thighs.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Opinion: Where race horses get a better deal than African women in history By CHARLES ONYANGO-OBBO

 Image result for African woman pic

In a Cabinet reshuffle last Friday, Norway reached a milestone in the representation of women in government. The country’s top three political positions – Prime Minister, Finance minister, and Foreign minister – are now occupied by women.
At the parliamentary level, many more countries have made progress, with Rwanda having the most women in its lower house in the world, at 62 per cent.

Zeeman New Single: Wena Wedwa

Artist: ZeeMan fy Steve Yuniverse
Song title: Wena Wedwa
Composer:Steve YUniverse
Author: ZeeMan
Publisher: Thug Unit Recordings
ISRC code: ZA-WU8-17-00084

From Porryland ( Shoshanguve) as made popular by the talented and legendary Dj Maphorisa, a superstar is on the rise.He goes by the name  of Zeeman, an up and coming Hip-hop artist.

He taggs Steve Yuniverse on production for this riveting ballad to his ride & die.
Lifestyle filled lyrics and street concept of love, he bring that thug loving to a new level

Monday, 23 October 2017


All material is embargoed until 11th October
• Youtube link- to 3 minute ‘FREEDOM’ film subtitled in 31 languages:
• Facebook: Like and share from the Global Goals Facebook page
• Facebook and Twitter banners
• Stills from film
• 15 second Instagram teaser will be available here
• Global Goals Assets
• Website with campaign actions: (live from 11th October)


Being one of the most influential DJ’s and a game changer in the music industry, DJ Euphonik has taken it upon himself to school local artists on how to go about securing a good digital music distribution deal by dropping his new summer hit exclusively on JOOX, South Africa’s fastest growing music streaming app, in partnership with local music aggregator, TurnUp Music.

Things recently unfolded quickly on Twitter after DJ Euphonik announced that he would shortly be dropping new music. He expressed the opinion that there was no point in holding on to great music especially when people really just want to dance. Being a platform that strongly supports local music talent, music streaming service, JOOX in partnership with TurnUp Music ZA met with Euphonik to make the track available on the platform. More pics after cut......

Friday, 6 October 2017

Photos: Nigeria 57 Independence Carnival At Mama Yoruba Lounge

 On Sunday 1st October 2017, the popular Mama Yoruba Lounge on 3 Quartz street in downtown Johannesburg hosted a celebration of Nigeria's 57 Independence Carnival. It was a mix of SADC and Nigerians celebrating the biggest black nation in the world. Chief Ajayi Elizabeth, Popularly known as Mama Yoruba host her customers, Friends of Nigeria and others to an Independence Carnival. You can equally visit Mama Yoruba when you find yourself in Johannesburg town for your traditional dishes and treatment of all kind. More pics after cut.....

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Photo: Independence Carnival: Mama Yoruba At 3 Quartz Street. Johannesburg.

Today 1st of October is Nigeria 57 Independence day celebration. Mama Yoruba one of Nigeria's Leading CEO here in South Africa is inviting Nigerians and the rest of Africa to her lounge on no 5 Quartz Street, Johannesburg to a celebration of our great country. If you are around Johannesburg join others to celebrate Nigeria together with Mama Yoruba and other Africans.

Monday, 25 September 2017

New Single Release : TAKURA - Kamu Shekero Kacho

With his highly anticipated debut album, the multi-talented TAKURA as he is passionately known , delivers a reciting love song which has the loins of the female listeners burning up.


Laylizzy’s latest single, “Slay” which has now been a sing along anthem for many on the streets continues to pop and now Geobek Films presents you with the slayed visuals to the tune.

Depicting the slaying performance of Laylizzy in fashion, style and music delivery in a luxurious lifestyle surrounded by gorgeous slay queens, the look and feel of the video portrays his slaying persona throughout which accentuates why they love him in the South border. More pics after cut.....

Thursday, 7 September 2017


The charts are about to get Dotmanized, as the U & I Music sensation teams up with afro-beats star Mr.Eazi, to create an anthem for the gyal dem which has made waves from Nigerian party capital Lagos to the UK.

Dotman and Mr. Eazi performed the track to enormous crowds on their recent Accra to Lagos tour. After listening to this Simba Tagz and Mr. Kamera produced track, you will immediately find yourself researching package holidays to Lagos to experience the tune’s addictive afro-beats funk first-hand. After the lyric video for ‘Afro Girl’ was viewed more than 300,000 times in a matter of
weeks, Dotman and Mr. Eazi were left with no choice but to shoot a mind-bendingly swag official video for the track. Another pic and video after cut.....

Feature: 8 Health Benefits of Sleep Backed by Science

Who doesn’t like the sweet, sweet slumber? Everyone does.
Sleeping is probably that one naturally occurring bodily function which is loved, envied and even abused by a lot of us. A few hours of shut-eye are pretty important when it comes to almost everything. It helps us relax, is vital for our moods, keeps our immune system in-sync and so on.
The list of benefits seems obvious, but scientists have always been intrigued to know how it REALLY helps us (because that’s what they do). Be it sleeplessness or inability to fall asleep at time, the damage is instant. But a good night sleep or even a good nap can aid you in a lot of ways.
Here are some health benefits of a good night’s sleep according to science:

1. Increased Brain Power

Increased Brain Power
The first at foremost organ that gets affected by both irregular and just sleep patterns is the brain. After a long day, your brain needs time to recover and how does this happen? through sleep. While the brain never completely stops working, the activity levels during your slumber decrease. And If your brain doesn’t get that break, it will pretty much fry up.

Photos: NUSA National Elective Congress at Protea Hotel, South Beach, Durban, KZN

 The Nigerian Union South Africa held its National Elective Congress on the 2nd September at the Protea Hotel in Durban. The outgoing President NUSA, Hon Ike Anyene handed over to a new Exco led by Hon Adetola. It was well attended by delegates from the 9 provinces, observers, members of the BOT, traditional leaders and the academia. More pics after cut....

Monday, 28 August 2017

Meet: Thando Sibeko, Teenage Author and Motivational Speaker

The life challenges experienced through the Journeys we have had in our lives we saw that we are not the only ones having this problem so why not go all out and make a Change, not only in our City Of Newcastle but do this Countrywide because we believe that nothing is Impossible if you believe you Can Do it.

I believe that we as today’s Generation we can make a Change and I believe we the Future so let us Lead The Way Regardless of what’s happening in Universities and countrywide I would like to believe that we are the chosen Generation and it all begins with Us. More pics after cut...


Multitalented Kizomba songstress, Shellsy Baronet who is famed for the hit single, “Ultima Bolacha” made her debut on Coke Studio Africa 2017 on the Big Break Segment paired alongside Eddy Kenzo and Bisa Kdei, making it a memorable episode for many.

Mozambique born, SA based Kizomba songstress, Shellsy Baronet continues to cement her name in the music industry as she made her debut on Coke Studio Africa 2017 recently, getting the career defining chance to work with African music heavy weights, Eddy Kenzo from Uganda and Bisa Kdei from Ghana. Another pic after cut....

Christine Mae Cubar; Is acupuncture for fertility really going to help me have a child?

 Image result for acupuncture pictures

Couples experiencing fertility issues are always on the hunt for better remedies and options that can help them successfully conceive a child and start a family. Many women are choosing to start families later in life, and this often requires medical intervention because natural chances to conceive declines rapidly as the age of the mother increases. By the time a woman is fourty, she is less than half as likely to conceive naturally. Techniques like in vitro fertilization are commonly used to treat infertility, but one can raise her chances to conceive using acupuncture for fertility techniques.

Opinion: What are the chances of IUI, by intrauterine insemination catheter, succeeding? By Christine Mae Cubar

Image result for iui pictures images

There are many forms of treatment for infertility out on the market today. Science is discovering new methods that give higher rates of success to families struggling to conceive. Not every method is appropriate for every case, and many factors dictate the infertility treatment chosen as well as affect the rate of success. It is still difficult for many to afford infertility treatments because they are most often not covered by insurance. One of the less expensive options for couples looking to conceive is an IUI procedure using an intrauterine insemination catheter.

Opinion: The main things to look for in a good gynecologist By Christine Mae Cubar

Image result for gynaecologist pictures

On paper, a gynecologist is simply a doctor that specializes in diseases of the female reproductive tract. Many are also dual obstetricians who are responsible for overseeing a woman’s and the baby’s health during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

Thursday, 10 August 2017


The bar was set too high at Aqua Park in Maputo on the night of the 21st of July when Laylizzy graced the stage at the Castle Lite Unlocks Concert as the only Mozambican hip hop act chosen to represent the country alongside headliners, Future and Cassper Nyovest.

The event MC took to stage to announce Laylizzy’s arrival while master producer, Ellputo kept things under control on the drums and keys as captivating production visuals displayed in the background synced to the announcement as fans chanted, “Laylizzy!”
  More pics after cut....


Gorgeous, talented Kizomba songstress, Shellsy Baronet begins the new month with a bang as she releases her new single, “Muita Areia.” Produced by Ellputo, the tune is set to empower the ladies to be proud and always maintain who they are.

What better way is there to begin a new month than by embracing new music by the gorgeous, talented Mozambican born, South African based songstress Shellsy Baronet? As a start to the new month drawing closer to Spring, Shellsy Baronet releases a new single, “Muita Areia” which simply means “A lot of sand.”

Music: Future Rebel Unleashes New Single - Ngiyabonga

When anyone hears the word "Rebel", its synonymous with breaking the existing rules and changing the status quo
That's exactly what Future Rebel is all about, stretching the boundaries and exploring new and exciting sound for the dance floor and your ears.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Opinion: Politics not pasture drives violence in Kenya’s heart By Tristan MCCONNELL

Raids have become common in parts of Kenya in recent months by  pastoralists invading private land, raiding homes and driving livestock into farms.
Raids have become common in parts of Kenya in recent months by pastoralists invading private land, raiding homes and driving livestock into farms.

Footsteps came first, then unfamiliar voices, the smell of cow dung and the kicking in of the front door.

Suddenly awake, John Mbogo wrapped his 11-year-old daughter Tabitha in his arms and rolled under the bed. His wife, Anne, crawled next to them, eyes wide.
Torchlight fell on the now empty beds and they saw naked legs smeared in manure, a “shuka” blanket rolled at the waist and the muzzle of a gun.
“There was nothing I could do but hide,” said John, recounting the June invasion by armed herders, dressed for battle, at their small family compound in Kamwenje, a mostly ethnic Kikuyu settlement in Laikipia, high on the eastern rim of Kenya’s Rift Valley. More pics after cut....

Photos: Madiba Aviary Visit to Impilo Homes on Mandela Day

 Members of Madiba Avairy, A Socio-Cultural Group with Aviaries across the globe paid a visit to Impilo Home in Cosmos City, Northern Johannesburg on Mandela's Day, July 18th 2017. More Pics after cut...


Set to take place at Aqua Park in Maputo on the 21st of July, Laylizzy will grace the stage as the only Mozambican hip hop artist to perform at the first Castle Lite Unlocks experience in Mozambique, alongside international heavyweights Future and Cassper Nyovest.

The musical takeover which has some of the greatest stars in Africa on the line-up will be happening on the 21st of July in Aqua Park (Maputo). Laylizzy, alongside American rapper, Future and SA’s hip hop star, Cassper Nyovest, will be showcasing his musical talent, representing Mozambique as the only hip hop artist to grace the stage at the first ever Castle Lite Unlocks experience in the country. More pics after cut.....

Friday, 14 July 2017

UPP President Saviour Chishimba "President Edgar Lungu,Zambia isn’t your father’s country"

Zambian President Edgar Lungu gave police increased powers of arrest and detention 
 Zambian President Edgar Lungu 

United Progressive People’s Party – UPP president Saviour Chishimba says it is foolish for dictator Edgar Lungu to claim that he should take away some rights belonging to people. He has condemned Lungu’s desire to declare himself as a dictator and demanded for the release of incarcerated UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema immediately. He has also called for Lungu to be mentally examined as he is showing symptoms of madness.

Photo: Rwanda Government killed 37 people for stealing bananas

 Rwanda President: Paul Kagame

Rwandan authorities have summarily executed “at least 37” people accused of committing minor criminal offences, instead of prosecuting them, Human Rights Watch (HRW) says.
The government in Kigali denies that any extrajudicial killings took place.
Most of the alleged victims were accused of theft – in one case stealing bananas.
Others were accused of smuggling marijuana, illegally entering the country, or using illegal fishing nets.

Profile: Year of Miranda Mokhele Ntshangase.

Image result for Miranda Mokhele Ntshangase

Johannesburg, South Africa:A breeze is sweeping through the Mzansi’sentertainment landscape, and with a name that means ‘she who must be admired’, Miranda Mokhele Ntshangase is on a meteoric rise to the top.Blessed with a smooth, unmistakably captivating voice, she’s set to take the music and acting industry by storm in 2017.
She has just released her first single named “Lendoda” and it has already been rotating and playlistedon South Africa’s top radio stations and is available on Itunes/Google play and other digital platforms.More pics after cut.......


Introducing a new, cool radio station on a music streaming service that will make great urban music accessible to all South Africans

TurnUpMusic officially announces the launch of its new radio station,TurnUp Radio, a steaming radio station focused on fans of urban music. It is exclusively available on Joox, the new music app launched by Tencent and Media 24.

TurnUp Music launched to market in August 2016 and as the time draws closer to its 1 year anniversary, the locally built music platform is taking things to greater heights as it now officially launches its radio station, TurnUp Radio on Tencent’s new mobile music streaming app, JOOX.


Gospel singer, D’ Anointed, who took some time off music to focus on his family is back in the scene and expresses gratitude for life’s daily blessings through the release of his new single, “God of Miracle.”

After taking some time off music to focus on his family, D’Anointed is very much blessed and excited to be making music once again.  This greatly talented songwriter and contemporary gospel artist from Nigeria is officially back in the music scene and it is with a great depth of God’s presence in the midst that the new song, “God of Miracle” is one of many singles to be released by D’Anointed this year.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Photos: The 2017 Vodacom Durban July

 Minnie Dlamini

Some of the country's most famous faces took over Greyville Racecourse in Durban on Saturday for the prestigious Durban July.  And, man, did they look good!
The fashion at the event has become a highlight at the annual horse racing event with many celebs planning their outfits weeks and months in advance.
From famous politicians to popular actresses, some of our faves really brought their a-game.
 More pics after cut.......

Meet: Richi Rich, the new school leader in HipHop music From Alexandra

From the streets of North Gomora rises Richi Rich, the new school leader in HipHop music.
He brings a perspective of the most notorious community empowerment story, the Msomi Gang.

Msomi gang, a debut single from his upcoming project named after his hood, North Gomora strongly sends a message to all that a new star is rising from Alexandra.

Following in the footsteps of the late great Flabba, Richi Rich takes you through his struggles and successes, with a ghetto twist and without doubt wind the hearts of the streets in the hood and in the city.

Volume up, head banging...Welcome To North Gomora!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Photos: 23rd South African Music Awards (SAMAs) Red Carpet

Image Title
 Bonang Matheba
The 23rd South African Music Awards (SAMAs) was held at the Sun City Superbowl on Saturday night. It was a display of pomp and glamour. More pics after cut.....

Photos: Rapper Slikour's traditional wedding

Image Title

Melissa and Slikour both posted pictures from the traditional ceremony‚ and revealed that it was one of three ceremonies that they will have over the next few weeks.
Speaking to TshisaLIVE on Monday‚ Slikour confirmed that the pair will soon be tying the knot and said that he felt it was his duty to marry the love of his life.
“It is what it is. I have to be a man and go down this path because it is the right thing to do. The lifestyle of a musician makes it difficult to commit sometimes but I know that this is what I have to do. This is my duty and it is a duty of love‚” Slikour said.
Slikour said that he loves Melissa for so many reasons. “There are so many things that I love about her but if I had to sit down and reflect on all of them I just see the essence of love in everything‚” he added.
He would not reveal when the couple would wed but said that he was excited to get married. More pics after cut....

Photo: C.I.Jizzlé drops sensual trap song, “Focus”

Having been in the music industry since the introduction of Mboko Gang in 2013 and having established a great name for himself in film directing as Mazi C.I.Jizzlé, C.I.Jizzlé is on the quest to share with the hip hop fans how much of a multitalented artist he is as he drops his new single and visuals for “Focus” under Geobek Entertainment since his breakout as a solo artist. Another pic after cut...........

Monday, 22 May 2017

Photos: Krugersdorp Raise Against Drugs and other Vices

Krugersdorp a community on Roodepoort Gauteng South Africa, a community populated by colored South Africans had a protest but peaceful match around its environs to say no to the effect of drugs, human trafficking and crime in their community. More pics after cut....


This year’s Lekki-Ajah International Cake Fair (2) features comprehensive training in New and Trending Skills. This Training Session consists of 5 exciting and skill laden refresher courses put together in our Training Daze Package. Below are the classes:
1. Fresh & Exciting Butter Cream Idea: Water Colour Drip Cake Buttercream.
Eniye Okoye (Cakes by Somchez)
Fee: N1,500.
2. Wild Romance: A Bouquet of Exotic Flowers Crafted with Cold Porcelain.
Miriam Nwokoro (Mel Cakes)
Fee: N1,500.
3. Baking with Ease and Perfection: The Ultimate Baking Experience Rolled into one exciting and amazing class. another pic after cut......


Mahikeng born and bred highly motivated music producer, Luka (real name Anthony Kasirivu) is fuelled with passion more than ever as he releases his new single, “Closer” featuring brilliant vocalist, Sio on TurnUp Music ZA.

Positive energy through music is Luka’s way of giving back love and light to the universe that we live in. His last album came out from Soul Candi under the Producer Series Volume 2 and his works have been featured on several compilations and releases through international labels as well as established South African labels, Soul Candi and House Afrika being some of them.another pic after cut......


Making music that inspires and uplifts people in the community is what SA legendary musician, Babsy Mlangeni has always been about. Young, up and coming musicians as well as other music moguls in the industry are set to witness a long overdue but yet amazing moment at the South African Music Awards this year as Mr Babsy Mlangeni will be awarded a lifetime achievement award.another pics after cut.....

Friday, 12 May 2017

Photos: Ethiopian Hamar tribe Women Whipped as a Symbol of Love

Hamar women of the Lower Omo Valley, Southern Ethiopia willingly submit themselves to be whipped during the ceremony of Ukuli Bula

Meet: Kisua founder Sam Mensah on making money from dressing Beyoncé

 Samuel Mensah

Kisua comes from the Swahili word for ‘well-dressed person’ and Samuel Mensah, founder and chief executive officer of the so-named e-commerce clothing company, is on a mission to dress the world in Africa-inspired clothes.
Mensah, through Kisua, is trying what other African fashion designers have failed to do: build a sustainable and scalable African fashion company.
‘It’s not your grandmother’s African fashion,’ Mensah said recently from Kisua’s Johannesburg headquarters, housed in a co-working space the brand shares with an African-diaspora executive search firm and other start-ups. More pics after cut........

Celebrity: Happy Wedding Anniversary Tara and Fela Durotoye

Fela wrote this on his Instagram
God gave the earth the Sun to brighten it up; .
God gave the world His Son to prove His love for us;
God gave Adam the Garden of Eden for him to nurture it;
God gave Noah an Ark to lift him up in the time of flood;
God gave Moses a Rod to deliver a Nation from bondage;
God gave David a Sling to slay Goliath and solve National crisis,

Lady Gaga Joanne Tour Dates 2017 & Cheap Concert Tickets

Lady Gaga World Tour

7:30 PM
Lady GagaRogers Arena
Vancouver, Canada

7:30 PM
Lady GagaRogers Place
Edmonton, Canada

7:30 PM
Lady GagaTacoma Dome
Tacoma, WA

7:30 PM
Lady GagaThe Forum - Los Angeles
Inglewood, CA


Like it is popularly said, if it’s nice, do it twice, Laylizzy’s recently released single, “Forever” makes a return through a remix by multi award winning, prolific producer, Ellputo, who fused some amazing electronic, dance and tropical sounds together to make this club banger, “FOREVER (Dance Remix).”

The original single (also co-produced by him) was released on the 14th of February in light of the celebration of Valentine’s Day when Laylizzy brought a plot twist into the commonly known purpose of the day, that we do not only embrace love but also bring to people’s attention the heartbreaks and challenges that come with being in a relationship and being in love.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Stick-fighting warriors down pints of cow's blood for strength before battling for the right to pick a girl from their remote tribe

A man is knocked down during a fight while the referee looks on. It is strictly forbidden to hit a downed fighter 
  • The Donga, or stick fight, is practised by Suri tribesmen in southern Ethiopia as a means of impressing women
  • The warriors will try to down nearly two litres of cows' blood but many will end up throwing it back up again
  • The winner gets to proposition a girl of his choice who will then decide to accept or reject him  More pics after cut.......

Meet:Ray Kileo, The Manchester graduate changing lives in Tanzania

Manchester graduate Ray Kileo, who was able to undertake his studies thanks to a scholarship, is transforming Tanzanian capital city Dar es Salaam after returning there to work on its transport system.

Ray grew up with six siblings in a village in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. From his days at a technical school he dreamed of making a real difference to his country, and he worked hard to eventually graduate from Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology as a civil engineer in 2011.

Feature: Botswana’s soul and spirit captured in new documentary film

Renowned thespian and only the Motswana to be honoured by Broadway, Donald Molosi is at it again. The actor, who’s had many strides in Hollywood is set to release his new Documentary Film titled We Are All Blue  based on his 2011 one man show play titled Blue, Black and White which earned him both Best Actor Award at the Dialogue one Festival and a Best Solo Award off-Broadway.

Blue, Black and White (2011), is the longest running one- man show in the Botswana’s history and was the first- ever Botswana play staged off- Broadway in New York City. It is written, directed and performed by Molosi and it has been performed in several countries in the region and in the US. It is about the country’s first democratically elected President, Seretse Khama and his interracial, transformative marriage. The storyline depicts the sad reality and the fallout that happened when Seretse and Ruth Williams fell in love.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Photo: Meet 70-year-old Joyce Ngubane Aiming To be the best script-writer in South Africa

 Joyce Ngubane

After clinching the Against All Odds award for her Quickwave production at the Shashalazi Theatre Awards last month, Joyce Ngubane is now aiming for the stars.
Ngubane, 70, said she started penning scripts in isiZulu in the late 80s after she was inspired by Ugazi, a drama that aired on the then Radio Zulu.
"Radio told wonderful stories which spoke about things that troubled people," said the senior citizen.
The gogo, who has eight children and four grandchildren, said she took writing seriously after she retired as a receptionist in 2004.


Being one of the acts to watch out for in 2017 according to MTV Base Africa’s hot list, the highly-anticipated music video for Laylizzy’s single, “Forever” which was released on Valentine’s Day is finally here.

The visuals deliver a great mood and depiction of the relationship drama described on the song as Laylizzy pours out his feelings through the music.
“You want me to stay, that’s why you misplaced my keys today to the Mercedes, but you can keep that car, doctor, doctor, you can’t keep my heart…”
Through interpreting the lyrics, Laylizzy seems to very much unapologetic while simultaneously encountering mixed feelings about the dilemma that he’s experiencing.
 More pics after cut......

Monday, 27 March 2017

Security in Africa: Military partnerships can foster economic growth on the continent By OLUSEGUN OBASANJO, GREG MILLS & DICKIE DAVIS

Photo: A woman walks past a disused tanker in Sheikh, Somaliland. Photo: Greg Mills.
 A woman walks past a disused tanker in Sheikh, Somaliland. Photo: Greg Mills.

 Sixty years after the start of the end of colonialism in Africa, the continent still relies on external military assistance. This should not be resisted. Rather it should be welcomed and harnessed, since today’s security problems easily transcend national borders and their resolution demands sustained collaboration.
Cyber-security, piracy, money laundering, and terrorism require co-ordinated international responses as the networks behind these actions rarely respect borders.
 Globalisation has empowered us all, but some more than others. In the 1960s half of the world lived in extreme poverty. Today that figure is under 10%. Poverty has been reduced more in the last 50 years than in the last 500. This reflects rates of economic growth. Whereas in the 1980s around 60 countries enjoyed economic growth rates above 4%, by the 2000s this number had doubled.