Monday, 25 September 2017

New Single Release : TAKURA - Kamu Shekero Kacho

With his highly anticipated debut album, the multi-talented TAKURA as he is passionately known , delivers a reciting love song which has the loins of the female listeners burning up.


Laylizzy’s latest single, “Slay” which has now been a sing along anthem for many on the streets continues to pop and now Geobek Films presents you with the slayed visuals to the tune.

Depicting the slaying performance of Laylizzy in fashion, style and music delivery in a luxurious lifestyle surrounded by gorgeous slay queens, the look and feel of the video portrays his slaying persona throughout which accentuates why they love him in the South border. More pics after cut.....

Thursday, 7 September 2017


The charts are about to get Dotmanized, as the U & I Music sensation teams up with afro-beats star Mr.Eazi, to create an anthem for the gyal dem which has made waves from Nigerian party capital Lagos to the UK.

Dotman and Mr. Eazi performed the track to enormous crowds on their recent Accra to Lagos tour. After listening to this Simba Tagz and Mr. Kamera produced track, you will immediately find yourself researching package holidays to Lagos to experience the tune’s addictive afro-beats funk first-hand. After the lyric video for ‘Afro Girl’ was viewed more than 300,000 times in a matter of
weeks, Dotman and Mr. Eazi were left with no choice but to shoot a mind-bendingly swag official video for the track. Another pic and video after cut.....

Feature: 8 Health Benefits of Sleep Backed by Science

Who doesn’t like the sweet, sweet slumber? Everyone does.
Sleeping is probably that one naturally occurring bodily function which is loved, envied and even abused by a lot of us. A few hours of shut-eye are pretty important when it comes to almost everything. It helps us relax, is vital for our moods, keeps our immune system in-sync and so on.
The list of benefits seems obvious, but scientists have always been intrigued to know how it REALLY helps us (because that’s what they do). Be it sleeplessness or inability to fall asleep at time, the damage is instant. But a good night sleep or even a good nap can aid you in a lot of ways.
Here are some health benefits of a good night’s sleep according to science:

1. Increased Brain Power

Increased Brain Power
The first at foremost organ that gets affected by both irregular and just sleep patterns is the brain. After a long day, your brain needs time to recover and how does this happen? through sleep. While the brain never completely stops working, the activity levels during your slumber decrease. And If your brain doesn’t get that break, it will pretty much fry up.

Photos: NUSA National Elective Congress at Protea Hotel, South Beach, Durban, KZN

 The Nigerian Union South Africa held its National Elective Congress on the 2nd September at the Protea Hotel in Durban. The outgoing President NUSA, Hon Ike Anyene handed over to a new Exco led by Hon Adetola. It was well attended by delegates from the 9 provinces, observers, members of the BOT, traditional leaders and the academia. More pics after cut....