Monday, 28 August 2017

Meet: Thando Sibeko, Teenage Author and Motivational Speaker

The life challenges experienced through the Journeys we have had in our lives we saw that we are not the only ones having this problem so why not go all out and make a Change, not only in our City Of Newcastle but do this Countrywide because we believe that nothing is Impossible if you believe you Can Do it.

I believe that we as today’s Generation we can make a Change and I believe we the Future so let us Lead The Way Regardless of what’s happening in Universities and countrywide I would like to believe that we are the chosen Generation and it all begins with Us. More pics after cut...


Multitalented Kizomba songstress, Shellsy Baronet who is famed for the hit single, “Ultima Bolacha” made her debut on Coke Studio Africa 2017 on the Big Break Segment paired alongside Eddy Kenzo and Bisa Kdei, making it a memorable episode for many.

Mozambique born, SA based Kizomba songstress, Shellsy Baronet continues to cement her name in the music industry as she made her debut on Coke Studio Africa 2017 recently, getting the career defining chance to work with African music heavy weights, Eddy Kenzo from Uganda and Bisa Kdei from Ghana. Another pic after cut....

Christine Mae Cubar; Is acupuncture for fertility really going to help me have a child?

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Couples experiencing fertility issues are always on the hunt for better remedies and options that can help them successfully conceive a child and start a family. Many women are choosing to start families later in life, and this often requires medical intervention because natural chances to conceive declines rapidly as the age of the mother increases. By the time a woman is fourty, she is less than half as likely to conceive naturally. Techniques like in vitro fertilization are commonly used to treat infertility, but one can raise her chances to conceive using acupuncture for fertility techniques.

Opinion: What are the chances of IUI, by intrauterine insemination catheter, succeeding? By Christine Mae Cubar

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There are many forms of treatment for infertility out on the market today. Science is discovering new methods that give higher rates of success to families struggling to conceive. Not every method is appropriate for every case, and many factors dictate the infertility treatment chosen as well as affect the rate of success. It is still difficult for many to afford infertility treatments because they are most often not covered by insurance. One of the less expensive options for couples looking to conceive is an IUI procedure using an intrauterine insemination catheter.

Opinion: The main things to look for in a good gynecologist By Christine Mae Cubar

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On paper, a gynecologist is simply a doctor that specializes in diseases of the female reproductive tract. Many are also dual obstetricians who are responsible for overseeing a woman’s and the baby’s health during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

Thursday, 10 August 2017


The bar was set too high at Aqua Park in Maputo on the night of the 21st of July when Laylizzy graced the stage at the Castle Lite Unlocks Concert as the only Mozambican hip hop act chosen to represent the country alongside headliners, Future and Cassper Nyovest.

The event MC took to stage to announce Laylizzy’s arrival while master producer, Ellputo kept things under control on the drums and keys as captivating production visuals displayed in the background synced to the announcement as fans chanted, “Laylizzy!”
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Gorgeous, talented Kizomba songstress, Shellsy Baronet begins the new month with a bang as she releases her new single, “Muita Areia.” Produced by Ellputo, the tune is set to empower the ladies to be proud and always maintain who they are.

What better way is there to begin a new month than by embracing new music by the gorgeous, talented Mozambican born, South African based songstress Shellsy Baronet? As a start to the new month drawing closer to Spring, Shellsy Baronet releases a new single, “Muita Areia” which simply means “A lot of sand.”

Music: Future Rebel Unleashes New Single - Ngiyabonga

When anyone hears the word "Rebel", its synonymous with breaking the existing rules and changing the status quo
That's exactly what Future Rebel is all about, stretching the boundaries and exploring new and exciting sound for the dance floor and your ears.