Monday, 28 August 2017

Meet: Thando Sibeko, Teenage Author and Motivational Speaker

The life challenges experienced through the Journeys we have had in our lives we saw that we are not the only ones having this problem so why not go all out and make a Change, not only in our City Of Newcastle but do this Countrywide because we believe that nothing is Impossible if you believe you Can Do it.

I believe that we as today’s Generation we can make a Change and I believe we the Future so let us Lead The Way Regardless of what’s happening in Universities and countrywide I would like to believe that we are the chosen Generation and it all begins with Us. More pics after cut...

I have seen People Suffering and in Pain, I Have seen people going to bed Hungry and hoping tomorrow will be a different day. Met people who are physically challenged and have given up that they will ever walk again or use their hands, but I would like to change that and show them there’s still hope, they should not give up its still early.

I used my life story to push me to use it to Change and help other people because you might think your problems are big while others problems are worse!

My vision is to one day see this Campaign Big and offering Bursaries, make everyone follow their dreams but its up to them if they will embark on this journey with us or will have this mentality that we will make promises we can't keep but I will do anything for those involved.

___Thando Sibeko___

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