Wednesday, 6 May 2015

'Ugly' Miss World Zimbabwe faces expulsion after alleged nude photo leak

Emily Kachote.
Image by: Emily/Facebook
According to The Chronicle, Emily Kachote may be dethroned and her crown handed to her first princess should the organisation behind Miss World Zimbabwe find her guilty of having taken nude images.
Shortly after she was crowned, there were rumours that a WhatsApp group possessed naked pics of Kachote. The images were apparently taken when Kachote was drunk at a party recently.

Miss Zimbabwe World trust spokesperson, Tendai Chirau said investigations were underway to assess if any of the claims were true.
He said contestants signed a written agreement, pledging they had no nude images of them in circulation anywhere.
"We're yet to engage her and the people involved in this whole issue and we're still investigating...if our investigations find that this is true than we've no option but to dethrone her..." said Chirau.
Kachote has had to contend with malicious remarks after her crowning with several people commenting that she was "ugly" on social media.

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