Thursday, 31 December 2015

SA President Zuma "Let's work harder to make SA better for all in 2016"

President Jacob Zuma.

Wishing the country a happy and successful New Year, Zuma highlighted some of the achievements of 2015 as education, the increase in grant recipients, improving health care and the increase in life expectancy.
He thanked South Africans for their contribution in building the country.

"Each passing year, our country moves forward, towards a better life for all, against many odds. We worked harder again this year," he said.
Zuma said more work awaited in the new year as there were still challenged to be faced.
"Our goal is to build a South Africa where economic opportunities increase for all and not just a few, and where inequality, poverty and unemployment become a thing of the past."

The work would include the pursuit of economic transformation, jobs for graduates and young people, and improvement of state-owned companies, he said.
2016 would also be about exploring opportunities in agriculture, mining, small business development, energy, growing the country’s ocean economy, transport, water and sanitation and telecommunications.

Zuma urged South Africans to register to vote in the local government elections next year.
"Importantly, we should remember that we all share the responsibility of building our country."
He said there was a lot that was good and great about the country and its people.
"Let us highlight our achievements more in 2016, and then work together to fix what still needs attention.

"I wish all citizens a Happy and successful New Year."

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