Monday, 27 March 2017

Views: Why cities never get transformed in Africa By Christopher Pikiti-Kang’ombe

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 A Street in the Middle of Lusaka The Capital of Zambia

There are so many leaders both in the ruling party and the opposition who yield a lot of influence on the people they lead in Zambia.
In certain rare cases, such influence is applied correctly to implore the people to change their mindset on matters affecting society.
However, most of us politicians appear to be scared of engaging the people we lead and influence them to think in a different way which will ultimately change society.
I arrived in South Africa this afternoon 21.03.17 for a series of meetings and compared to Kitwe, the city of Johannesburg is clean.

Instead of misusing our influence as leaders in Kitwe by failing to bring about positive change, we must get all residents to be involved in the transformational agenda for the great city of Kitwe.
Everyone worthy to be called a leader must positively influence the people. We must not be pre-occupied with elections when its time to work and achieve positive change.
I am grateful for the support from both the Minister of local government, Hon. Vincent Mwale and His Excellency , President Edgar Lungu for the agenda for a better and cleaner Kitwe.

This is what I call the correct usage of our political influence on the people we lead at the highest level. Kitwe can become then next Kigali or the next Johannesburg if only we engage the residents and make them understand what we want to achieve in terms of cleanliness and better city outlook.
Bus stations should be well arranged and managed with no illegal bus operators. Trading by our marketeers should be in designated markets such as Chisokone and Nakadoli to accommodate both those who do street vending and those already inside the market.

I pledge to provide leadership that will listen to all stakeholders especially the informal sector and also Bar/ Tarven and Bottle store owners on better trading conditions.
I hope to learn more whilst in South Africa on how cities in the global village are being transformed.
If the foregoing observations are not in order, i welcome your constructive criticism on the paragraphs concerned or the entire wording above.

The Author is the Mayor of the City of Kitwe on the Copperbelt Province of Zambia Mayor

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