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Feature: Botswana’s soul and spirit captured in new documentary film

Renowned thespian and only the Motswana to be honoured by Broadway, Donald Molosi is at it again. The actor, who’s had many strides in Hollywood is set to release his new Documentary Film titled We Are All Blue  based on his 2011 one man show play titled Blue, Black and White which earned him both Best Actor Award at the Dialogue one Festival and a Best Solo Award off-Broadway.

Blue, Black and White (2011), is the longest running one- man show in the Botswana’s history and was the first- ever Botswana play staged off- Broadway in New York City. It is written, directed and performed by Molosi and it has been performed in several countries in the region and in the US. It is about the country’s first democratically elected President, Seretse Khama and his interracial, transformative marriage. The storyline depicts the sad reality and the fallout that happened when Seretse and Ruth Williams fell in love.

The play is also featured in Molosi’s book ‘We Are All Blue’ which was published by The Mantle in New York. The feature was historic in that it was the first time in Botswana that history drama was moved from stage to print. This past Easter Sunday, April 16, Molosi, 30, debuted the trailer of his latest project online, a documentary film project called ‘We Are All Blue.” The trailer, which is also on YouTube is fast circulating around the world garnering praise from Batswana and Molosi’s own Hollywood colleagues alike.

In 'We Are All Blue' (2017), modern Botswana is seen through the eyes of Molosi, a Botswana-born Broadway actor and playwright, who embarks on a journey to discover more about him, his people and Botswana, the country he calls home. He believes that in order to create your future, you need to understand your past – and this is what he sets out to do. 

“With this film I aim to cinematically capture Botswana’s soul and spirit. The camera follows me to my home village of Mahalapye and my ancestral village of Serowe, and along the way I encounter elders who impart to me wisdom like former President Sir Ketumile Masire whom I am honored to feature and personally thank in this film,” he says. Molosi was this week talking to WeekendLife from Johannesburg where he is currently in meetings with media houses that have shown interest in his latest offering. He is also signed under Waka Agency under Rosie Motene.

In the documentary Molosi says he explores some fundamental life questions about identity and belonging, about being a Motswana, and about the contradictions inherent in the country he loves. Towards the end of the film he reflects on how far Botswana has come in the 50 years since independence, but also on how far it still has to go – and what needs to be done to regain and maintain Botswana’s reputation as Africa’s success story. 

“I am grateful that I got to partner with Multichoice, Torch Studio Films and Hambrook Films on this project. I wrote 19 versions of the script, with different storylines and endings et cetera before I picked which script to go with. I put my all into this film and so did my whole team,” said Molosi.The film features Molosi’s conversations with other notable Batswana including Former Deputy Commonwealth Secretary- General Mmasekgoa Masire- Mwamba, Kgosikgolo of Batawana Kgosi Tawana Moremi II; and Former President of Botswana, Sir Ketumile Masire.

Molosi made history ten years ago when he became the first Motswana actor to perform on Broadway. Over the past decade, Molosi has scooped many major awards on Broadway and off-Broadway for his acting and writing, prompting the New York Times to call his award- winning performances “inflamed with passion.” Molosi’s critically- acclaimed plays are taught around the world as part of the school curriculum in various countries including the United States.

Molosi currently divides his time between Botswana, US and UK working as an actor, writer and film producer. He is featured in A United Kingdom opposite Golden Globe and Emmy award nominee David Oyelowo and Oscar nominee Rosemund Pike. Directed by Belle (2013) director, Amma Asante a British national, the film depicts the marriage of Prince Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams in the 1940s and the uniting of the people of Botswana.

Culled From Weekend Post.

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