Friday, 19 January 2018

Fashion: Bondphill on the rise

Bondphill on the rise

The brand Bondphill – with only two years in the local fashion industry – is growing. The owner of the brand Tlamo Mosinyi said they will remain authentic to Botswana. His dream has always been to have his collections in stores outside first before opening any store in Botswana. His recent Mozambique experience was motivating as his audience praised the high quality of his designs. Mosinyi is one of those rare gems in fashion because he can design; style, be a buyer and do many other things in regard to fashion. He gained a lot of experience in India where he sourced fabric.

After launching the brand in 2016, he showcased at the Masa Fashion Show and was also invited to Mozambique but couldn’t go because he felt the brand was too new to take on such an international platform. He only went there this past December. He attracted international clientele in his early days in business. “When I started some Batswana didn’t understand the direction that I wanted to take. They did not understand that I am unconventional. They have now realised that they can fit in any occasion,” he said. When in Mozambique Mosinyi interacted with people in the fashion industry from Japan, France and United Kingdom and learnt a lot from them.

His latest collection is making waves internationally; with acclaimed bloggers hailing it for showcasing the Kalahari sands colours. “Many people from different countries always ask me why I name my collections but I always say that is because there is always an inspiration behind my work. My mind is always at work and that is why I even know the names of the next collections that I will make,” he said. The success of his brand has caught the attention of one of South Africa’s top lifestyle shows in Top Billing. His interview will air in the next few weeks. “Even up to now it still feels like a dream and I am so happy. I cannot wait for the show to air,” he said. He expects 2018 to be an incredible year for him because he has already been invited to many fashion shows. His merchandise will soon enter shops in the regional market after some shoppers approached him to make some of his pieces for them.

He works to advance the Botswana brand hence in his recent international show he had his models walking to the tune of ATI’s Khiring Khorong song. “I love collaboration and this will see me partnering with Batswana including the likes of ATI,” he said. He is very sure that Bondphill is set to become one of the internationally acclaimed fashion houses because of the recognition it already receives. 

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