Saturday, 20 September 2014

Akitu Abubakar "President Jonathan Lacks The Experience To Lead Nigeria" Your View On This?

One of APC Presidential aspirant for the 2015 Presidential elections and former vice-president, Akitu Abubakar in an exclusive interview with AFP said President Jonathan lack the experience needed to govern Nigeria thus the reason for the increasing insurgency in the North-East. Read Akitu's statement after cut...

"This insurgency shouldn’t have lasted even six months. Within weeks, we (Obasanjo and I) crushed it because we did not neglect military training and, of course, we did not lack the leadership and the capacity to take decisions. I told Nigerians that he [Jonathan] did not have the capacity; he didn’t have the experience. He didn’t have anything and yet they gave him the chance, the opportunity. And they can now see the chance and the opportunity they gave him. Of course, I’m more experienced than he is. I believe my capacity cannot be compared with his, in all respect.” he said
Do you share Atiku's view on Jonathan? Your comment below...

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