Monday, 8 September 2014

Lesotho On The Brinks Of Civil War As Sacked General Seize Armory

 P.M Tom Thabane and General Tlali Kamoli

 The Mountain kingdom of Lesotho whose Prime-Minister Tom Thabane is back in the capital Maseru after a failed coup attempt is on the brinks of a civil war. The sacked army chief and coup plotter, General Tlali Kamoli seized the country's armories and took to the hills with over 200 soldiers and deploying his weapons around Maseru.

According to security reports, South African troops have been moved from Bloemfontein in the Free State to the border town of Lady brand and about 150 South African police officials have been deployed in Lesotho to guard and protect top government officials and South Africa's economic interest following an emergency meeting of SADC presided over by President Jacob Juma in Pretoria.

We appeal for a peaceful resolution of the crisis and hope all the actors involve will set aside personal interest for the sake of the people of Lesotho and regional stability.

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