Thursday, 23 June 2016

Kopano Matlwa’s new novel Period Pain

Kopano Matlwa's new novel revealed!
Alert! Jacana Media has revealed the cover and title for Kopano Matlwa’s new novel.
Matlwa took the South African literary world by storm when in 2007, at just 21, she won the European Literary Award and the Wole Soyinka Prize for African Literature for her debut novel Coconut.
This title, an “instant classic”, went on to sell over 20,000 copies in South Africa alone.

“It has become part of our zeitgeist, testament to the realities, which she wrote about so movingly, the heartbreak of being a ‘coconut’ in a world of rapid flux,” Jacana says in a statement.
Coconut catapulted Matlwa onto the international stage with translations in French, Swedish, Italian and Dutch. Spilt Milk followed in 2010, an allegory of love lost between black and white South Africa. Dealing with relationships and histories, things unsaid and things undone, it too was published to great acclaim.”
And now, Jacana Media brings you Matlwa’s “most distinguished work” – Period Pain! Books LIVE editor Jennifer Malec got the scoop:
Professor Craig Mackenzie, Chair of the University of Johannesburg English Department, recommended the manuscript for publication with the following words:
Period Pain‘s greatest strength is that is is utterly compelling. The construction of the character is entirely convincing, and draws the reader in from the very start. By turns morbid, ironic, funny, irreverent and angry, Masechaba is someone we care about, and her experiences and perceptions are acute and engaging. Her narrative provides vivid insights into contemporary South Africa – from its under-resourced state hospitals, corruption and graft, to its racial tensions and prejudices against foreigners. We are thus given a no-holds-barred account of life in 21-century South Africa, and while it is not an attractive portrait is certainly is one that is accurate and engaging.
Be prepared for outrage, be prepared for mood swings, but most of all be prepared to have Masechaba get under your skin and into your heart!


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