Friday, 23 September 2016

Photo: More than Fire and Flash in the pan Putting talent and creativity together to deliver good music

O61Music is a successful pioneer hip hop and RnB music label and clohing line. They are one of the most vibrant, energetic and ambitious, and amongst the most successful music entertainment labels in Namibia.
061Music is a part of the growing entertainment market with the promotion of high-quality music, creative song-writing and artists who possess great music talent. 061Music was established in 2010 and has thus far released popular and radio demanded albums like 061Music – presents the compilation, Soweto boi certified and Flashback. The group is made up of four individuals namely; Lucci (ThanksForTheBeat), Quido, Tukondjeni and Sinna-G. The group members have been nominated in the NAMAs a couple of times and have scooped some awards including Catty Catt which won Best Hip Hop Award – Letter from My Heart.  More pics after cut......


Having last released an album in 2013, the 061 have been cooking up a storm to make up for the past years they have not being dropping albums or singles and their fans literally will not be ready for what they have in store. They said they have a lot of material to be released and it will be publicised very soon as an album. “We spent over a year working on the album and good news, its currently being packaged for release,” said Sinna-G. He said the album to be released will be very new on the block because no Namibian artist has tried it before. “The album is movie album that will present the listeners a theatrical experience meaning it will play like a movie. We are all creative people and we thought we would use that talent and come up with this idea,” he said. Sinna-G said the album will play like a movie from top to bottom which will be taking music to another level with new concepts. The album does not have any visuals but allows the listeners to envision it all. “Imagine watching a movie without the visuals, that’s the approach we are going for listening on an audio book,” said Sinna-G. The album will have music videos that will be produced in a theatrical sense too but that is only later on, said the 061Music artists.

The album’s first single titled Story No be keke ft YT has just been released on radio stations and online in the past week with more hit songs on the way. “No be keke simply means the hustle must continue and this is not a funny business if loosely translated in a Nigerian tongue,” said Sinna-G. The group did not reveal the number of tracks on the album saying that fans will have to find out for themselves at the launch next month on 29 October. The label also plans to release Catty Catt’s posthumous ‘The Big Catt’ album in the coming months with the music video for single Hi-5 dropping on TV and YouTube in October. Being known for throwing some of the heaviest and awesomely crazy parties around the group promised on the launch being more of a party for their fans and their stakeholders who have been supportive of their music and clothing line thus far. “We had the 061 pool party and the birthday bashes that were lit and we want to show that we are back with a bang,” said Sinna-G.

The group was formed by the late Catty Cat, who passed away and Lucci in 2010 as a clothing line and the clothing line quickly gained public popularity. As a result they naturally went on to create a music label called 061Music. Lucci is the in-house music producer and has created many hits over the years such as City on my chest and Die for my city, to name a few. The artists who seem to have been very fond of Catty Cat all spoke bigheartedly of him. “I give major credit to Catty Catt (RIP) for introducing me to hip hop magazines such as Yo Rap! and The Source which really educated me more about rap music and hip hop as a culture,’ said Tukondjeni the newest member of the 061Music crew who had collaborated with the late Catty Catt in early 2000.

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