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This sold out show took place at Coconuts which is one of the biggest concert venues in Mozambique and it is with no doubt that the two (AKA and Laylizzy) had a whole load of fun doing what they do best on stage. As very much expected, it is quite evident that they smashed their set as the word around the performance trended on social media for quite some time, both in Mozambique and in South Africa when AKA posted up videos of them performing. More pics after cut........

                                                              Laylizzy at Dumskie
                                                                    Laylizzy and AKA
                                                                Laylizzy and AKA

The #HelloLaylizzy music video is set to launch on Friday, the 9th of September The on going buzz about the collaboration between Laylizzy and AKA for the smashing hit record, “Hello” has kept fans all over the continent yearning for more from the two musos and while at that, Laylizzy decided to bring the heat to his home city by inviting the Supa Mega as a surprise act at his show in Mozambique.

“Dumskie: Show de Agosto”is one of the biggest annual hip hop concerts in Maputo curated by the co-founders of Sameblood Studios in Mozambique, superstar, Laylizzy and producer, Ellputo. On the night of the 27th of August,they decided to bring a twist into the entire plot by having 3 surprise acts on the line-up. These acts are Azagiaand DuasCaras, who were the biggest rap artists of the 90s and early 2000s in Mozambique that Laylizzycollaborated with back in the day as well as the Supa Mega, AKA who is featured on hiscurrent single, “Hello.”

at HAREM Nightclub in Rosebank, Johannesburg (South Africa).

In the mean time,
Check out what went down during Laylizzy’s performance with AKA at the show:

They also brought the house down at the 2016 Maputo Hip Hop Experienceas they took on the stage to perform “Hello”:

Check out what went down during their performance:

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