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Marriage of lies By Meshack Mathe

Meshack Mathe

Synopsis by Meshack Mathe Bevhula.      MARRIAGE OF LIES
The story is to be directed to a book, movie and Radio Play.
The story talks about a man by the name of Rich Tshabalala who lived in the south of Johannesburg. Rich worked at a retail supermarket since he didn't go auxiliary with studies after passing grade 12. So it certainly left him with few varieties on the job market. He stayed with his younger brothers, sisters and parents in one RDP house that came into existence after the new democracy government in South Africa. Rich was the first born of his father and mother.

Rich fell in love with Pretty Malokane until he felt he was old enough to marry a wife while he continued to stay at his parent's house.  He didn't love her for real; the only intention that made Rich fall in love with Pretty was that she was at university so he assumed she would better his life for good as soon as she finished her studies. He later grasped that she wasn't studying her course yet but busy with upgrading her grade 12 results for acceptance in her hallucination course. He felt so thwarted and grassed because she didn't tell him all the details. She then dropped out as soon as she got pregnant and decided to raise the child who later been named Valencia.

Rich woke up in a good mood even though he wasn't feeling well physically, he went to an outreach church service where on thay night he had unceasing and unbearable pains on his manhood. As soon as Rich arrived the pastor was still preaching and it was about to be the time of praying for those who were sick. The pastor said to the audience there is someone here with us who have pains in his manhood; they are bewitching you as they don't want you to have children. Please come forward so that I pray for you". Rich knew that the pastor absorbed the message to him but he felt so mortified to go forward and receive prayers. He remained seated and ignore pastors message.

What was said at an outreach became true to Rich's life. By the time he met Pretty she was already pregnant for other man who refused to be with her. So as soon as Rich came to her life she felt so reassured and thought it was better that she don't tell him about her pregnancy. Rich never suspected anything as he started sleeping with her which led to her telling him about pregnancy which he accepted. And everybody at home was happy when the baby was born although it raised many rumours in the area since the child looked differently from anyone at Rich's family, the child  looked like a coloured but Rich made peace with it and had to live with it without worrying much about anything.

Rich thought it was best that he enriched his wife by taking her to computer school and to do drivers license so that it betters her chances of getting a job to assist him in supporting the family since he was the breadwinner. That of course happened as soon as she accomplished her computer studies. She also got a job at a retail industry and started to lose respect over Rich as she also cheated on him with the same man who was the father of her child. Rich was yet to go to the Doctor to check if he could produce or not as it frequently stressed him after the pastors message. One morning he came back early from work on a night shift duty only to find out that his wife wasn't home. He waited until she came back and he asked where she emanated from; she lied to him saying she slept at her friend's house without elaborating much. But Rich knew that observably she was cheating on him. He went on to ask for her friend's number to call and ask but her friend denied the claim as she didn't know anything. He forgave her and demanded her to be honest from there.

Rich later grasped that his wife was once again pregnant but still he wasn't pretty sure if he was the father or what because he felt like becoming aware of the truth would really hurt him. But he never realised that not knowing the truth will hurt him much more than knowing the truth. Her wife gave birth to a beautiful girl once more time named Phindile. Rich pondered who was making him such an idiot under his watch but he was still reluctant to challenge it. Rich started cheating with few women and he tried to have a baby but none of that ever blossomed. He never told his wife about everything that bothred him. but it had been eating him for years and that made him to despise any children because he couldn't give love to his kids and he felt so terrible about seeing his younger brothers having good relationships with their children 

Many people started to question his anger to the children as they realised that he didn't love them. Rich was never at peace. He had started to visit his young brothers more often just to ignore the stress that came with staying with his wife as he knew that everything about his marriage was a lie. He forever regretted not talking about his undiscovered manhood problem with his wife as he unceasingly thought it was too late to deal with it as it then involved a lot of people on the process and he didn't want to embarrass anyone like that.

His wife never stopped seeing the man who gave her the kids until Rich discovered some of the clothes bought by that man and he asked her until she couldn't give valid claims that she was the one who bought them. Rich felt like it was too much to handle and he went to buy a gun and killed both his wife, the father of the children and himself.


Authors message
People have to covenant with their problems no matter how difficult it is to deal with them because committing suicide is not easy for those you are leaving in the world. So man up and face your problems because the the matter of fact is that all the problems that are following you are actually created by you and your actions. So if there is one person to fix them is you.
The plain truth is that you never know the pains you cause to your loved ones when you die just like an idiot who doesn't know how it feels to be around him.

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