Monday, 22 May 2017


Making music that inspires and uplifts people in the community is what SA legendary musician, Babsy Mlangeni has always been about. Young, up and coming musicians as well as other music moguls in the industry are set to witness a long overdue but yet amazing moment at the South African Music Awards this year as Mr Babsy Mlangeni will be awarded a lifetime achievement award.another pics after cut.....

Cristyle ft. Babsy Mlangeni’s new single “Bambelela” made an exclusive debut on TurnUp Music on the 14th of March 2017 which surprised a lot of people who weren’t expecting to see the legend collaborating with a young, emerging star. “I decided to join forces with the young musician and created ‘Bambelela’ so that I could also be relevant to the young generation, we need to keep going with the trends,” he says.

When asked about how he felt when he was informed that he will be receiving a lifetime achievement award at this year’s ceremony, he says, “At first I didn’t believe it because I have been asking myself if the industry has forgotten about the first South African blind superstar.” “It’s been long overdue now, the young musicians will now recognize me and the work that I have done in the SA music industry at large and young, disabled musicians will be inspired,” he adds.

Babsy Mlangeni believes that the future of South African music is headed in the right direction thus far and during his sit down with TurnUp Music, he makes an example of young musicians who are doing well globally, making a highlight with  Black Coffee who is representing us worldwide.

The new single where Babsy Mlangeni is featured by Cristyle, “Bambelela” is available for download on TurnUpMusic in WeChat.
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