Saturday, 21 March 2015

I was physically abused by my husband for years: 'Generations' actress

Vuyo Dabula and Letoya Makhene of Generations: The Legacy.
Image by: Supplied.

Mother of three, Letoya Makhene has revealed she was physically abused by her ex-husband for years.
The former Isidingo actress told True Love that she went through a torturous marriage.
According to Makhene, her marriage to Privilege Mangezi started out well. Her Zimbabwean partner was attentive and loving. But this soon changed after Mangezi lost his job and became insecure.

"We began arguing then things escalated into physical abuse. It was hectic. Our families and police had to be called in most times. The abuse went on for a good few years because I was scared of him... I was at a stage that when talking people I couldn't even look them in the eye because I was so traumatised," said Makhene.
Makhene also told the monthly magazine that the problems with her husband lead to her infidelity. Although she broke things off with the other man, her family were aware. Makhene is now single and rebuilding her life.
She recently snagged a lead role in the revamped Generations in the role of Tshidi and has become more popular. The former Idols presenter also practises as a sangoma.

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