Tuesday, 14 April 2015

UN asks Kenya to rethink closure of Somali refugee camp

A refugee pupil recites the Koran at a makeshift madrasa, or Islamic school, under a tree at the IFO 2 east camp within the Dadaab refugee complex, near the Kenya-Somalia border.
Image by: REUTERS

Kenya said on Saturday it had given the United Nations three months to remove the camp housing hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees, as part of a get-tough response to the killing of 148 people by Somali gunmen at a Kenyan university.

The UNHCR said it was ready to work with Kenyan authorities to "strengthen law enforcement" at Dadaab to help protect refugees and Kenyans against possible intrusion by armed groups. "We are thus urging the Kenyan authorities to give the matter further consideration," it said. 

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