Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Where are Zuma and Zwelithini as the killing of Migrants goes on?

 King of Zulu-Land, HRH King Zwelithini

But what is clear is that no one has a plan for dealing effectively with this crisis.
Until President Jacob Zuma appears on national television and radio and speaks to South Africans, press statements from his office will remain merely that - press statements.
It should not be difficult for Zuma to stand up and confront the crisis decisively and directly - and stop the bodies piling up.
As a result of South Africa's poverty of leadership and lack of action, Malawi and Somalia are now seriously considering intervening to help their citizens flee this country. If that were to happen, it would put an ugly blot on our image.

We now expect Zuma to talk to King Goodwill Zwelithini, whose remarks to the effect that foreignersmust leave this country are at the centre of the crisis.
The king must act responsibly by calling on his subjects to stop attacking foreigners. He, together with top government leaders, should be seen on the streets of Durban and surrounding areas dealing with the situation.

A complication is that our politicians are looking at the crisis with one eye on next year's municipal elections.
The call by ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe for South Africa to establish refugee camps adds another dimension to the crisis.
How will refugee camps help us when our borders are so porous? Where will these camps be situated? Is this idea even feasible when the government is unable to manage the Lindela refugee camp effectively?

It would seem that our government has not learned from the 2008 xenophobic attacks.
Call it "Afrophobia" or "xenophobia", the bottom line is that our fellow Africans are being killed in our country, and unemployment and poverty cannot be used to justify it.

Source-  The Times Editorial

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