Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Meet: Three-year-old Oratile Hlongwane, known as DJ Arch Jnr, South Africa's Got Talent 2015 Winner

 Three-year-old Oratile Hlongwane, known as DJ Arch Jnr, is the youngest DJ in the world
 At three years old, Oratile Hlongwane - DJ Arch Jnr - is the world's youngest DJ and the youngest winner of South Africa's Got Talent.
After the live finale on Sunday, the toddler was more captivated by the glitter on the floor than the accolades or the title. While there's no denying that Arch Jnr is a talented boy, DJ Euphonik has cautioned fans not to equate his ability with the idea that being a DJ is easy. Another pic after cut

"For what it is, there's a great story behind it and only time will tell [where he goes]. It's amazing that a three-year-old can do that, the fact that he is able to capture a crowd probably makes him a better DJ than most," Euphonik said.
Even with major sponsors like Mini, Beats by Dre and Guess backing the Alexandra-born DJ, his parents Glen and Refilwe are determined to raise him as a "humble" superstar.
It was his father, a gymnastics coach and DJ enthusiast, who first introduced his son to a DJ App on his iPad.
According to Hlongwane his son's photographic memory and flair for performing made him a natural. He said: "For us it was just AJ having fun, I didn't know I was raising a superstar. For now we want to keep it that way. I'm not signing my child to anything, it's a fun hobby that I will help him nurture."

To appease critics and allow DJ Arch Jnr to have some kind of normal childhood, his parents have limited the number of gigs he performs at.
"I'm trying to do the right thing for my child. I want to give him a fighting chance, jobs are scarce and he has to have a plan B. People ask me whether AJ will go to school, yes that's not even a question," Hlongwane said.

But before you invest in a DJ App in the hope of becoming the next Black Coffee, there is more to the art than mash-ups.
DJ Euphonik said: "There was a time when you could get away with just playing other people's songs and survive as a DJ, but not any more."

DJ Arch Jnr's playlist:
'Happy Days' - Stephanie Cooke
'Joy' - Black Motion
'No Contest' - Culoe de Song
'Wena' - Heavy K
'Wajelwa' - Prince Kaybee
'Uvalo' - St Nicolas, featuring Mthuthu
'Koze Kuse' - DJ Merlon, featuring Mondli Ngcobo

Source- Times

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