Monday, 29 August 2016

Photo: Meet Nokulinnda Mkhize, A sangoma with Wi-Fi

Nokulinnda Mkhize with one of her students.

"I make use of digital tools for ease of access, so that my practice is not limited only to those who can come to my home," she says.
Mkhize has a website where people can get information about her talks and products and an online calendar for booking Skype and phone consultations. She also uses Twitter and Facebook.
Mkhize will talk about the ancestral calling in Johannesburg at The Victory Theatre on Saturday and at Durban's KwaMuhle Museum on September 9.

She says the talk will address ancestral and spiritual callings in relation to mental health issues.
"There is a lot of confusion and misinformation which conflate ubizo [a calling] with mental health issues. The misconceptions continue to undermine the quality of life of a lot of black people," she says.
One of the issues she'll address is the importance of calling isangoma (traditional healers) "Gogo".
"When someone is isangoma, referring to them as Gogo is a sign of respect for the elders that guide them and the ancient knowledge they carry."

Mkhize says she appreciates having a direct line to her spirit guides.
The 31-year-old sangoma has been practising for eight-and-a-half years.
"It is deeply comforting to know I am guided and being able to access that guidance with relative ease. I also appreciate being of service to other people," she says.
Mkhize is the mother of two boys but is also a mother to those who are sent to her for spiritual guidance and lessons on their paths to becoming sangomas.

She has trained one sangoma and has a student in training. She says she wants her children to always feel connected to and guided by their ancestors' love irrespective of whether they train to become sangomas.
She says the journey of being a sangoma is wonderful, but also difficult and frustrating.
"I have grown a lot from my work, and I think it has made me a better person. I have deepened my empathy. I am stronger, but also more sensitive."

Noksangoma is not taking appointments at the moment. For more information follow her on Twitter at Noksangoma and on her Facebook page Ithonga Sangoma Guidance and Healing. Or go to

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